Tamer El-Azzazy

Mr. Tamer El-Azzazy

Manufacturing General Manager

Tamer El-Azzazy has been the Manufacturing General Manager in Canal Sugar Company since September 2021. Tamer appreciates his role as he sees his direct contribution to the community, through the achievement of sugar self-sufficiency which directly influences Egypt’s National Food Security, along with his role in leading and mentoring hundreds of brilliant calibers.

In this role, Tamer is responsible for the smooth running of all factory operations, including Environment, Engineering, Health & Safety, Total Quality and Lean initiatives. Tamer has been an instrumental element in building and leading the team to transform the performance of all aspects of the plant; from receiving raw sugar beet, to delivering a wide range of products; white sugar, Molasses, Beet pulp…

Before joining Canal Sugar, Tamer had a worldwide background experience in production Engineering, Project Management, Operations and Maintenance for 14 years in Cargill, Egypt. Then he became a Plant Manager and a Technical Director in Nutris, Algeria. After which he led the commissioning and opening of the ACG SIM SPA and SARL COFFEE oil factories, As well as his significant contribution in the commissioning of several factories in France, and the USA.

Born in 1978. Tamer holds a BSC in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University class of 2001.