Hassan Bayoumi

Hassan Bayoumi

Manufacturing General Manager

Hassan Bayoumi is a seasoned Manufacturing General Manager who has led many of the sugar factories in Egypt and KSA. With over 25 years of experience in sugar manufacturing and supply chain, he has earned a reputation as an expert in his field.

Hassan earned an EMBA from the American University in Cairo ,the Chicago Business School in USA, and HKUST in Hong Kong, where he gained a deep understanding of business strategy and leadership. He also holds an MBA from the Mackinsey School of Business, which has equipped him with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate complex business challenges.

Throughout his career, Hassan has demonstrated his ability to manage manufacturing and supply chain processes with systematic and effective leadership skills. He has led many sugar factories to success, implementing innovative solutions and driving continuous improvement.

In addition to his professional achievements, He is also an active member of his community and is committed to giving back through various volunteer initiatives.

Overall, Hassan Bayoumi is a respected leader in the sugar manufacturing industry, with a proven track record of excellence and a commitment to delivering results through effective leadership and strategic thinking.