Ahmed Ramadan

Mr. Ahmed Ramadan

Financial Controller 

Ahmed Ramadan has been Canal Sugar Financial Controller since August 2020.
He Manages all minor and major finance and accounting functions and activities.
From ensuring the financial reports are as per the regulatory standards to deciding
how much the company should spend on what, he oversees every aspect of the
organization. He is responsible for efficiently and effectively implementing
strategic business plans, managing risks, monitoring the budget and the financial
performance of the company. While helping the organization achieve its business

Ahmed brings considerable internal and external experience to the role having
spent the earlier part of his career in senior corporate finance roles in the food and
construction industry for more than 20 years. In his early career he worked as a
Chief Accountant, in The Egyptian Chinese J.V. Company for Investment. Till
reaching the position of Finance Executive Director, for Savola Food in 2019.
Lastly, he was a Financial Controller in Alexandria for Confectionery Chocolate
(Corona) right before joining Canal Sugar.

Born in 1977. Ahmed holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Cairo University.
He took many leadership training courses such as, the Management Training
Program in Beijing, the Growing Leader Program in Dubai, Strategy and
Leadership Program in Abu Dhabi, Savola Foods Executive Leadership Program