Aaron Baldwin

Mr. Aaron Baldwin

Agriculture General Manager

Aaron Baldwin leads the agriculture business unit in Canal Sugar since October 2020, started as the Agriculture Project Director. Then in May 2022, he assumed the role of the Agriculture General Manager. In this role, Aaron oversees all agricultural operations and practices of Canal Sugar’s project with over 800 pivots, 350 wells, and its fully automated state of art technology including the full satellite monitoring of crops, soil, and ground water. He works simultaneously with the supply chain department to ensure this segment best serves its objectives while profitably improving and growing this business.

Aaron is responsible for the strategic planning, direction, developmental growth, corporate governance, project design, budgeting, recruiting, construction, and operations of Canal Sugar Agriculture department. He continuously works on enhancing the cultivation and growing conditions of sugar beet to increase its sugar content. He also develops novel agronomy strategies for the reclamation of the company’s desert land to improve its soil health and introduce sustainable profitable crops that work in rotation with sugar beets.

Aaron has an extensive worldwide experience in restructuring and transforming many agricultural and food businesses in Eastern Europe to improve output and profits. He has a very strong hand in practical experience of agricultural production operations. As well as crop nutrition, fertilizer production, agronomy, and desert reclamation, with a focus on sustainable and environmentally responsible food production. He held many senior management roles that pertains to business improvement, cash management, and bank financing in the global financial arena.

Aaron is a Canadian citizen, with RVP in Russia. Born in 1964, holds a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy with a minor in Soil Science, from the University of Alberta. He has an MBA in Agribusiness, from the University of Guelph. He is a certified crop advisor from the American Society of Agronomy. Outside his position in Canal Sugar, Aaron is a Member of the Professional Institute of Agrologists for the Province of Saskatchewan, and a Representative of the Prairie Certified Crop Advisors Committee, and Member of the Government of Saskatchewan Fertility Advisement Group Member of the International Certified Crop Advisors Continuing Education Committee.